PATTERNITY - City Shapes Creative Workshop

I supported PATTERNITY's City Shapes Workshop at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, where I helped guide people to make printed artworks, using London's skyline as inspiration. 


'Our hands-on workshop brings to life the inspirational patterns in our urban environment. Through working with simple shapes and printing techniques old and new, we encourage participants to slow down and find a more mindful appreciation of what is often dismissed as ordinary, overlooked or boring. As a group, we playfully explore the fundamental forms that surround and support us in our daily lives.

Together, we look up, down and around the city streets with a new lens. We take inspiration from gridded skyscrapers and circular drain covers to stripy rail networks and serried windows across the city. We then translate them into unique geometric printed artworks to take home and enjoy. We invite participants to see the magnificence in even the most mundane quirk, line and detail – and to incorporate a more attentive and creative way of appreciating the patterns of everyday life.' - PATTERNITY

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