PATTERNITY - Plant Life Drawing Workshop

'How can contemplating nature’s patterns help us find focus, inspiration and creative calm?'

I helped PATTERNITY hold their plant life drawing workshop at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, inviting participants to take time to disconnect from the digital world, switch off their screens and relax into a series of mindful drawing exercises. I helped PATTERNITY's participants get into a creative flow, join together and connect with nature - activities that have so many benefits on our wellbeing.  


We encouraged people to marvel at the spaces in-between the leaves, stalks and petals of humble houseplants, exploring textures of veins, stripes on leaves and ridges on bark.

'The benefits of interacting with nature were understood by our ancestors and has now been backed up by science. Beyond the workshop, participants learn to see the trees and plants all around them with fresh eyes, transforming the everyday into a source of inner solace and strength.' - PATTERNITY

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