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The Blue Dragon


The Blue Dragon


    This print is part of the exhibition ‘Nudibranch’ by Coco Lom at The Book Club in Shoreditch, London. The exhibition is inspired by Nudibranchs, more commonly known as sea slugs. These luminous molluscs are famous for their psychedelic shapes and patterns, with each piece from the show celebrating a different member of the sea slug family.


    The Blue Dragon

    Scientific name - Glaucus Atlanticus

    AKA The Blue Dragon


    These Nudibranchs float upside down across the water, carried along by ocean currents and the wind. The blue side of their body faces upwards, blending with the blue of the water. Their silver side faces downwards, blending with the sunlight reflecting on the ocean’s surface when viewed from below.


    These fiery dragons are clever thieves, stealing and re-cycling the venom from Portuguesemen o’ war and storing it in their long, finger-like filaments to use again when under attack. While most sea slugs are harmless to humans, pick up one of these dragons and you’ll get a nasty sting, similar to that of a jellyfish!



    A3 (297mm x 420mm) 


    Signed Limited Edition of 25


    Giclee print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper






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