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Holland & Barrett - Beautiful Stool Chart

I was commissioned by Holland & Barrett to be part of their campaign to help kick-start a national conversation around the importance of gut health. The Bristol Stool Chart, developed in 1997, is a universal scale for assessing the seven types of stool, ranging from 'separate hard lumps', to 'entirely liquid'. Holland & Barrett commissioned me to transform The Bristol Stool Chart into a 'Beautiful Stool Chart'. 

Talking about poo is a taboo subject for many of us, with 60% of people being too embarrassed to talk about it. I hope that my 'Beautiful Stool Chart' will encourage people to think about their important and wonderful gut and to get some advice if needed. Let's move the conversation around gut health from taboo, to poo!

My 'Beautiful Stool Chart' was displayed in Holland & Barrett stores across the UK as well as being showcased online alongside gut health tips and advice. 

Holland & Barrett
Holland & Barrett
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