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Coco Lom Basketball


Coco Lom Basketball




    As kids, our world is full of colour and playfulness - from our classrooms and clothes to our toys and games. Sadly, as we get older, we often lose this side of life. Colour has the power to influence the way we behave and think, it affects our happiness and emotions. Play stimulates creativity and builds a healthy body - it strengthens our heart and calms our head.


    My new Coco Lom basketball is full of colour and ready to be played! Whether you’re 1 or 101, I hope it will encourage you to move your body, inspire playfulness and bring back the bounce to your day...


    Basketballs are NBA official size 29.5 and are waterproof, wear-resistant, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



    Free UK delivery - please allow 1 week for your ball to bounce over to you


    For deliveries outside the UK, please contact me for postal charges before ordering

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