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    One of the things I've missed the most over lockdown is going to live music events. I didn’t realise quite how much they affected my general happiness. Live music lowers stress levels and increases social bonds & happiness (plus it’s great exercise, if you bounce around enough like me!) Research even shows that the repetitive rhythms and melodies can help our brains form patterns that enhance memory. 


    One way I’ve re-found happiness is by looking for the small details in the spaces around me. Details that we might normally overlook, but have the power to soothe. From noticing a stripey shadow on my bedroom wall, to the colourful pattern of tiles outside my local market. So often we miss these wonderful moments. 


    Until we can get back on the dance floor, see our favourite artists in a muddy festival field, and sing along (badly) to songs over dinner with friends, I hope this T-shirt might inspire you, and the people you pass, to look up and down and discover the many shapes, colours and patterns that lie around us. 


    Currently 556 venues in the UK are at risk of permanent closure and opportunities for artists will disappear and no longer get to be enjoyed by so many. 15% of profits are going to Save Our Venues which protects and secures our grassroots music venues.


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