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Sea Slug Sticker Sheet


Sea Slug Sticker Sheet


    These sticker sheets are part of the exhibition ‘Nudibranch’ by Coco Lom at The Book Club in Shoreditch, London. The exhibition is inspired by Nudibranchs, more commonly known as sea slugs. These luminous molluscs are famous for their psychedelic shapes and patterns, with each piece from the show celebrating a different member of the sea slug family.


    The little slugs are PVC plastic free and on 100% recyclable paper


    Being super sticky and waterproof / weatherproof means you can stick them pretty much anywhere. Maybe they’ll dance on your laptop, ride on your bicycle, or perhaps swim on your water bottle…What adventures will your sticky slugs go on?


    Each A5 sticker sheet includes 7 slugs



    Free UK delivery


    Sent 1st class Royal Mail


    All packaging is plastic-free and planet-friendly


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