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Evermade - Rainbow of Hope 'Sky Vibrations'

I was invited by Evermade to collaborate with them on their charity initiative titled Rainbow of Hope. Evermade worked with a group of artists to create a limited edition of prints, with each piece being inspired by a rainbow. 100% of profits are going to NHS Charities Together to help take care of the well-being of our NHS staff and volunteers looking after COVID-19 patients in their greatest hour of need. 

It's said that the colour blue calms our mind and is often described as peaceful, tranquil and secure. It's even been shown to lower our heart rate and body temperature when looking at it. My 9 rainbows are full of energy and buzzing vibrations and dance in front of the calm and joyful blue sky behind.


'Meet Coco Lom, the artist finding "peaceful pattern" inspiration in the most humdrum of places' - Interview with Evermade

Limited edition Giclée print available here

Evermade Rainbow of Hope
Evermade Rainbow of Hope
Evermade Rainbow of Hope
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