Shoreditch Photographic Studios — 66-foot Mural

I was lucky enough to work part-time as a photographic assistant at Shoreditch Studios in east London, a venue favoured by many famous, creative talents from the Arts and showbusiness world. Being a pattern seeker and colour lover, I admired all the studio's props - from their petrol-blue scaffolding and equipment trolleys to their glowing-red lightbulbs and bright-yellow electrical tape.


After I'd been working there for a year, studios' Director, Danny Buttleman, asked me if I'd be interested in brightening up their outside entrance with a 66-foot-long mural. 

I began the project by exploring the studio, photographing all the overlooked shapes, patterns, colours and production equipment - including a wide range of flash and LED lights, coiled cables, hexagonal J-hooks, bolts, clips and bright-yellow ladders. Then I cut, collaged and photocopied my photographs back at my studio to create my final designs. After cutting my stencils and marking up the wall, I spent 10 days painting, helped by two assistants. 

My hope was that visitors to the studios would enjoy this extra splash of colour. Every day we overlook so many amazing patterns and colours around us, whether they are striped shadows on the pavement or the geometric facade of a building. Noticing these can bring us so much joy in our busy day-to-day lives. I believe in the power of pattern and hope to open up people’s eyes to it through my work.

At the launch drinks, which Shoreditch Studios generously hosted, studio manager Katie Palmer said: “Lom presented us some ideas and we loved them straightaway. The plain white wall in our entrance reception is now full of fantastic colours. She’s certainly brightened the place up. Lom has managed to abstractly transfer things in the studio onto the wall. We’re hoping it’ll put our clients in a great mood when they enter the studios.” 

'Hackney artist’s mural brightens up star-studded studio' - The Hackney Citizen newspaper

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