W. A. Green - Community Planters and Window Design, Shoreditch

I was commissioned by W. A. Green, a luxury homeware store in Shoreditch, to design and paint six community planters on their road. My planter designs were inspired by the shop's slogan 'Dopamine for the home'. During my research, I found that if you examined dopamine under a microscope, it reveals the most amazing psychedelic colours and patterns. Microscopic views of the neurotransmitters in our brain reveal hundreds of huddled cells of varying shapes and sizes, which provided a fascinating visual starting point for my designs. I also investigated black and white X-ray scans of human brain activity when we're happy.

To accompany the six planters, I also designed W. A. Green's vinyl window display.

'Dramatic use of colour and love of pattern' - read W. A. Green's blog post 

To download your free colouring pages of planter artwork click here

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